Beyond the Cart

Recology of the Coast offers more than commercial recycling, compost and garbage services.  We help you make the best and highest use out of all the materials you throw away.

Our programs a tailored to meet your business needs, and may include providing different size and type of carts, dumpsters, debris boxes, compactors and balers.   Check out the other services we provide to our commercial customers.


Construction & Demolition

Construction and demolition (C&D) materials consist of debris generated from construction, renovation, and demolition of homes, buildings, roads and bridges.  C&D debris often contains bulky, heavy materials, such as concrete, wood, metals, asphalt, sheetrock, glass and other salvaged building components.  The C&D waste stream also includes corrugated cardboard from packaging, a variety of plastics (PVC pipe, packaging, etc.) and yard/landscape wastes from site work and clearing.Debris Box

Reuse and recycling of C&D materials is one component of a larger practice called sustainable or green building construction.  If you are in need of a debris box for your construction and demolition project, contact us to determine the size that best fits your needs.

Contact us for more details about the programs and services we offer.

Compactor Sales

CompactorCompactors, balers, and other associated equipment help businesses efficiently handle large amounts of recycling, compost, and landfill waste produced on site, help manage odor and space concerns, and control overall waste handling costs.

Although our office does not carry this type of equipment, we can connect you with a company that can. Please contact us for more information.