Residential Recycling, Compost & Garbage Services

Recology specializes in resource recovery programs and provides recycling, composting and garbage services to single family and multi-family homes.  With over 90 years of experience, Recology has the expertise to meet your needs.

Resource recovery is more important than ever before. To preserve our natural resources, we work to close the loop on organic and recyclable materials by diverting them from going to landfills. Whether you are looking for recycling and compost services or garbage collection, Recology provides a range of options to you.


Single-Family Homes

For Single-Family Homes

Recology provides compostables, recyclables and garbage collection to homes like yours.  We make curbside resource recovery easy through a 3-cart program for compostables, recyclables and garbage collection.

Compost, Recycling and Garbage Bins

The green cart is to collect organic materials like yard clippings and sometimes food scraps.

The blue cart is for recyclable materials like cardboard, paper, aluminum and tin cans, and plastic and glass bottles.  

The black or gray cart is for material that is going to the landfill.

We make the 3-cart program available to our customers in the communities we serve whenever it is possible. The carts come in various sizes to fit your needs.

Apartments & Condos

For Apartments & Condos

Recology offers recyclables, compostables and garbage collection services to apartments and condos through carts and metal bins of various sizes. We may also offer on-site technical assistance to help you determine the right container size and service configuration for your building and the most cost-effective program to help you with your specific needs.

Compost, Recycling and Garbage Bins and Toters

Recology provides recyclables, compostables, and garbage collection from one to seven days a week, depending on the service schedule you request.


Customize Your Services

Select the cart or bin size that’s right for your home with the help of our customer service representatives. Visit your local Recology company website for details about signing up, adding or changing the services to your home, to see your rates, manage your account and to see the collection calendar.

Questions? Find our tips and tricks on making our resource recovery programs work for you on our Frequently Asked Questions.